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Weekend Standup Getaway Feb. 21st, 2010 @ 01:52 pm
Last night/this morning was a blast. We got to the hotel with enough time to jump around on the bed and mess things up like a couple of toddlers. The Ambassador in Milwaukee gets highest recommendations from me. Jenny got a $300 room for $59 on, and hot jizz that room was rad. It would have cost more to take home one of their robes than our stay there.

Classic old school place with 1920's styling. It was like The Shining, but there was no hedge maze (I looked) and when the elevator opened it didn't release an ocean of blood. But it's a five star hotel with free parking, right in the city. They even have a shuttle service that will take you anywhere you want in the city and pick you up when you call.

We got to The Pabst early to be able to find our seats (which were totally awesome) and get some drinks. I had a couple beers and Jenny had a Malibu and Orange Juice (I'm going to call that a Titty Twister). Jenny's drink was $10.75. It was tasty, but goddamn, I could have had someone murdered for that much money.

The Onion had a table set up and I signed up for their newsletter and a mini-raffle they were going to draw during the show. I totally ended up winning and I let Jenny pick out the prize. She went with a tote bag that has "Stop Staring at My Tote" screened on it. She also picked out a button that has the translation for "I am stupid" in Latin. Both good finds. I picked up a bumper sticker that says "No Trans-Fatties" and has the silhouette of a rotund woman. I'm going to put it on my RockBand2 guitar (her name is Barbarella).

Kyle Kinane opened for Patton Oswalt, and goddamn if he wasn't maybe just a hair better than Patton. He's fantastic. The only familiarity I have of him is an appearance on Comedy Death Ray Radio. He did the bit about the largest deliverable pizza. On CDR it was really funny, but he's really added a shit-ton of material to that bit and delivered it expertly. Patton even commented at the beginning of his set how he's been watching him develop that bit in the past couple cities and it's fucking perfection. I would agree.

His entire set was great and I'm really glad he opened for him. Patton's material was all new to me, except his bit about the fat guy at the store that was in front of him in line and wanted all the ham at the deli counter, which he performed on Comedy Death Ray Radio. I will say, even when there is familiar material, it's cool to hear how they add to it. The process for developing material is so interesting to me. Rewrites based on crowd reaction, adding things here and there, editing. Man, I really want to perform on stage some time.

After the show, we called the shuttle service to come pick our rich asses up from the Pabst. Unfortunately, the driver was not the pleasant young lady that drove us to the venue (whom I can only assume from her speaking voice is a broadcasting major at Marquette), but a sixty-something year old that seemingly hates it that black people have the right to vote. I was drunk and giggly, which wasn't improved by the addition of two fat people we picked up from the Bucks game on the way back to the hotel. The driver did have a fantastic handlebar mustache, but his job was to drive us back to the hotel, not inundate us with his political views or memories from the bar band he played in back in nineteen-jiggity-aught. You'd think a hotel shuttle driver would also know how to drive back to the hotel he works at. I guess not. He took the most round about way across bridges and through the city, but probably because he REALLY wanted to talk about his motorcycle.

It was late, and Jenny and I hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we got more drinks at the hotel bar/restaurant "Envoy". Jenny had two Damnarettos (Diet Coke and Amaretto) and I had half a High Life. The platters of appetizers we had in front of us could have fed everyone in the bar, but we hoarded it all for ourselves. We sat and watched the Olympics, chowed down some sort of crazy pile of potatoes/cheese/sour cream, and I farted out all of the Pabst gasses that had built up in me during the show. Jenny thought it was rude that I kept farting while people sat so close to us, but I explained to her that I kept farting BECAUSE they sat so close to us. There were plenty of open seats in that goddamn place, don't sit right on my colon, people, or you can expect to get crop dusted.

We hit the hay in a gigantic, incredibly comfortable bed that had seven hundred pillows on it. I snored away until morning and slept in until 7:30 (not the 10:30 I was hoping for...but it still felt great) and had a really relaxing all around awesome morning. We drove through the parking lot of a Denny's, considering breakfast, but decided to try somewhere else because the parking lot was full of cars that looked like they were assembled in the post apocalyptic world of Mad Max. You know, with a fender and hood from two other cars and a bumper held on with a belt. Maybe a garbage bag and duct tape window. We decided to go instead to The Cracker Barrel, which neither of us had been to for probably at least five years. Probably more. I had Grampa's Country Fried Breakfast, or something like that. It had biscuits and gravy, hashbrown cassarole, scrambled eggs, and a full size chicken fried chicken with sawmill gravy. It was a crazy huge breakfast that I pounded down like it was my death row last meal. Jenny and I also got "Genius" on our first try of the Cracker Barrel golf tee game. For that feat, I think we should have gotten our meals for free, but sadly we did not. After our meal, I headed to the bathroom to listen to songs about whiskey while I torpedo'd the plumbing. When I emerged from the bathroom, Jenny had an armfull of stuff from the "Country Store". She was really excited about her Easter goodies for the girls and our neices.

After breakfast, we made it back to town to go pick up our ladies from Jenny's sister Kelly's place. Abby was saying she was hungry when we got there, which was surprising because she had already had Fun Dip and soda (Thanks Uncle Dave and Auntie Kelly). Sounds like they had a fun night at their house, and Jenny and I had a great time on our little get away. We didn't get to hit the casino, but I'm sure my luck ran out after winning The Onion raffle, anyway.
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Total Eclipse of the Heart Nov. 29th, 2009 @ 12:16 pm
Last night, in celebration of my wife's "21st Birthday" (again), we got together with a shit-ton of friends (except Jacon who hates us) and blasted some karaoke all night.

Here's an updated, less pregnant, version of the wife and I performing Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Great fucking time had by all. Especially Jenny. Hopefully her liver heals by New Years Eve.

Cap'n Zombie and the Misfortunate Mister Hufflemittens Nov. 27th, 2009 @ 12:43 am
Have I ever proclaimed my love for Ed and Olli and Finch?

...well, they're all gonna be getting some nice new bee jays for the holidays.

Being a Dudecast - Episode Four Sep. 1st, 2009 @ 01:40 am
Being a Dudecast - Episode Four - "Poopacalypse Now"

Welcome back for another installment of our dirty little show!  This episode we get more filthy than usual, taking yet another trip down the Chocolate Chunnel Express.  But, don't worry.  We're not a one trick pony.  This episode really doesn't involve much of anything going in an ass...just a whole lot of talk about stuff coming out of asses.

Oh, and puking.

And Irish Karate chops.

Remember, kids...this is very NSFW.  But, also very fun to listen to at work.  So just keep it on the down low, okay?

Do yourself a favor and just subscribe on iTunes.

Another episode will be posted on the 15th!

Share this shit! Be a dude!
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Being a Dudecast Episode Three - "Of Butts and Plugs" Aug. 15th, 2009 @ 12:56 am

Episode three just went live!  Holy cripes!

Here's a favor for everyone that wants to go ahead and subscribe on iTunes.

Work it, girlfriends.

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» 100 Unique Downloads of the Dudecast!
Being a Dudecast is doing pretty well, if I do say so m'self.

Thanks, everyone.

The second episode will go public (on the site and on iTunes) on August 1st, so stay tuned for that sheeeit.

I just wanted to have a little happy dance for this insignificant achievement.
» Being a Dudecast
I hope you bungpieces have checked out my podcast "Being a Dudecast".

It's up on iTunes now, too, so go ahead and subscribe. We promise to bring you new podcast episodes twice a month, on the 1st and 15th, and there will be other blog updates along the way whenever creativity strikes.

For instance, tonight I felt the urge to create an alternate I sat in my studio for a couple hours putting "Duckcast" together. The original themesong is up on the site, too, and should be on iTunes whenever it feels like updating.

If you guys dig the show, leave us some comments over at the blog site, or you can contact us at feedback @

I'm having a really good fucking time putting this show together. I hope the rest of you guys dig it, too. We've got four full episodes in the can already, so if you can't wait, get a hold of me on AIM and I can send 'em your way.

In two weeks we'll be recording a (hopefully) epic session in Chicago. So stay tuned for that.

Thank you for being a dude.
» Dudecast Goes Live

If all goes as planned, it should be available on iTunes very shortly as well.

Expect updates twice monthly, the 1st and 15th of every month.

Please leave a comment in the comments section of the blogpost with the podcast.  Lemme know what you think.  I'm sure lots of you have heard early versions of it, but this is the final edit.  Give it another listen.

Hopefully the sound will get better as we progress.  I've worked out some kinks in later episodes, and it should only get better.

We've got four in the can and should be recording every month at least once, hopefully twice.

This be a labor of love, folks.  Please spread this around to anyone you think would be interested.

Thanks a ton!
» Dudecast is cumming...
We're almost ready to go live, folks.
» Dudecast option
Anyone not having luck with the torrent trackers, try 'em again. If they're rollin' that way, hot damn. If for some reason they're still not working, just check these links for direct downloads. I think they only offer ten downloads of each for free, so get 'em while they're hot. And like I said, you can always hit me up on AIM.

Lookin' for some feedback. Lemme know if this is some shit you'd like to listen to on the regular.
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